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The Board of Directors Here at Spo-reflections was pleased as punch to see such  comments about demonic drivers. They have no use for automobiles (as the roads around the Board Room are not paved) but they do like all matters leading to fights and (if all goes well) violence and mayhem.  I was surprised to read impudent drivers are not unique to Phoenix; I was even more surprised to discover these sorts of shenanigans happen out of the States as well. I thought it was only us Yanks who drive so. 

I don’t have anything erudite or witty to write today what with the allergies so bad. I’ve got all the usual symptoms: red itchy eyes, drippy nose, and sneezes of hurricane velocity. The OTC (other the counter) meds do little or nothing other than dry me up and make me feel stuporous. Last night we foolishly went to the ballet only to fall instantly asleep in the dark, cool pollen-free air. Being home sleep doesn’t happen as neither one of us can breathe; two weeks worth of insomnia is taking a toll on the complexion.  

Today is Cinco de Mayo which is a big holiday around these parts in the same way St. Patrick’s Day is viz. an excuse to party and drink beer (this time not green).  There is some present backlash against the fiesta from a duo usually not in league: The Mexicans and The Conservatives.  The Mexicans are a bit fed-up with the stereotypical sombreros and paper Pancho Villa mustaches while the GOP sees the celebration as another insidious cabal for the illegals to get their foot in the door and take over.*  

I am not bothering to consume cerveza and burritos as I do this all the time anyway. Living where I do Mexican food is everywhere and the main stable in our diet. After a decade of consuming the stuff anything that isn’t loaded with hot sauce and chilies taste rawther insipid.  Even if I wanted to go out with the tequila drinkers the allergy meds have me out cold. It’s only noon yet I am ready to crash for my siesta, which is how I will be celebrating today a not-too-important 1862 battle. 

Later on if I should wake I plan to read blogs and find out how the gringos are going.  I think of my blogger buddies often.

I wish you all a happy 5/5 and pass the hot sauce por favor. 



*The GOP equivocates all things Mexican to ‘illegals’.  In contrast on St. Patrick’s ‘every one is Irish” in their view while Cinco de Mayo evokes no desire to become Mexican. Far from it. 

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