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“Stone and sea are deep in life
Two unalterable symbols of the world
Permanence at rest
And permanence in motion
Participants in the power that remains”

At La Casa de Spo y Someone we emulate these elements.  Someone can be counted onto be constant all he does. In restaurants and bars I know what he will order as it is always the same. In contrast I shun ‘same as always’ wanting to try as many things as possible.  At Einstein Brothers the cashier doesn’t ask him anymore what he wants to order but just orders it for him while she waits for me to determine what shall it be this time. That sort of thing.

This diametric approach is played out – of all places!- on the computer wallpaper. I don’t think he’s changed his screen wallpaper in years.* I change my wallpaper as often as I change my Mack Weldons – more often rather.

At work I have a few folders of photos. The first is my collection of the 100+ Spo-shirts. The second is a pastiche of fun photos colorful and whimsical.  I have some for Christmas time and Halloween. The wallpaper folder changes daily and the contents change every thirty minutes – every 15 minutes for the Halloween pictures.

One explanation for my fondness for frequent wallpaper turnover is my hummingbird mind has at most a 15 minute attention span and needs to flit from flower to flower. A less derisive explanation is my desire to experience as much of something as possible. In my youth I hoped for a new dish every day not the same ones over and over. Why always eat the rocky road when 31 Flavors had thirty others to try – that sort of reasoning.  Changing the wallpaper on the cellphone, the work/home computer, and here at Spo-reflections isn’t much but it reminds me to continue to strive for new and various things in the more important areas of life. As I’ve aged I seen comfortable safe repetition slowly take over where there was once novelty.  Is this wisdom or coping out?  So much of my daily life is repetition perhaps a new wallpaper is my one way left to have variety in my life.




*A collection of rubber ducks, quite colorful and jolly since you were wondering.

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