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My printer at work makes strange and peculiar noises whenever I use it or turn it off.  These sound suitable for Halloween: one is a creepy organ cord and another is a sort of banshee wail.  I am not certain why the printer is doing this. Perhaps it is possessed or bewitched. A more likely explanation is I programmed it to do so last October and I have forgotten how I did that. Worse, I don’t remember how to turn it off.

My ongoing attempt to create a password manager has so far been unsuccessful but along the way I’ve learned a few tricks and hacks for the unholy trinity that is my PC, my Mac laptop, and my cellphone. I’ve learned the Ctrl button with a number moves me between open windows without having to move the mouse. I’m certain there are Spo-fans rolling their eyes now along the line of ‘oh that, everyone knows about that”.  Knowing little tricks and short cuts may be maudlin but they give me a sense of accomplishment in an area I find intimidating viz. electronic gadgets.

Some of these lessons are simple such as sweeping left across an entered number in the cellphone calculator to remove the last added digit. Some of them touch upon the dastardly plans of thems in charge.  I learned there is an on/off button in my cellphone that stops the battery being consumed to send Apple data on their advertising. The temerity of it! Apple using my juice to get its data without my permission! Turning that one off gives me a small smug satisfaction I’ve improved things while thumbing my nose at the evil empire.

Punching a newly learned command onto the keyboard and seeing the screen light up confirming ‘that really works” makes me wonder how many other commands and tricks are swimming below in the depths of the Dell. They must be legion. Hopefully there are not too many sinister types like the Apple example.  I hate the notion my phone and computers are in cahoots with the tech-barons. On the other hand I know this is happening every time I go on Facebook.  The lack of privacy is a large price to pay for learning what my relatives are doing.

Learning little things like Cntrl + B and triple-click cellphone options are along the line of the cartoon “Give Alice some pencils and she will stay happy for hours”. They make me happy. They also give me courage to attempt to exorcise the printer of its Haunted Mansion noises.  Who knows where this may go.  Perhaps I will become one of those computer nerds who works ‘mouse-less”. More likely Apple and Microsoft will realize I’ve caught on to their shenanigans and they will merely move the cheese. Stirges.

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