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I listen to podcasts about astronomy and I work in field dealing with human nature. My soul swoons at the mysteries of these ineffable entities. Of the two, human nature is far easier to explain; the mysteries of the universe are unfathomable. Only a fraction of the universe is visible measureable mass and light. The majority is something we can’t see or locate. Astronomers know it’s there as the total mass is not enough to account for the laws of physics. Either the laws of physics are wrong (perhaps) or something is missing(more likely). This dark and mysterious stuff is called ‘dark matter’ and it’s anyone’s guess what it is.  The universe is full up of cosmic questions; they make me feel small and insignificant.  I am not shocked or saddened by these revelations. I learned pretty quick in life as early as grade school how it is to feel small and insignificant so the verification of these truisms by the time I got to college was not at all a shock as it was to my peers who thought themselves the centre of the universe up until then.

Another bitter pill to swallow is we are probably alone in the universe (sorry sci-fi fans). Unless ‘they’ are purposely covering up their tracks there doesn’t seem to be any evidence of other beings. We only have ourselves which is of no comfort considering we generally don’t like each other.

The notion of a mostly dark and nothing0filled universe devoid of company could quickly lead to nihilism or depression but for me this is a sort of comfort. It helps me put things in perspective and not to waste time with the likes of seeing something outrageous on Twitter and wanting to to write an angry retort. Cosmic truths help me let go of the trivial claptrap that is society and social media to focus on my brief time in said universe to make Life what I will it to be.


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