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From Ghoulies and Ghosties,
And long-leggity Beasties,
And all Things that go bump in the Night,
Good Lord deliver us.      –  Anonymous.



That does it: no more news. Every time I have a look-see on line this evokes gummy panic and/or depression. Pandora’s Hope mentioned in my last entry has been squashed by the avalanche emanating from The Mountains of Ignorance.


Last night I woke from horrible dreams filled with hateful people trying to do me harm. Doesn’t take Freud to deduced this one: watching the news is causing PTSD-like nightmares.

Another matter interfering with my sleep is I am waking with horrible charley-horse cramps in my feet and my toes. They go back and forth between the left foot and the right. They are not sharp but an intense throbbing; it feels like something in my foot is contracting like a overwound clock. Oh the pain. Flexing my foot is of no lasting help. I have to leap out of bed and walk around stomping my foot as if  trying to flatten a very skittish cockroach. These middle-of-the-night stomps wake Harper and Someone who both wonder what the hell is going on. Oh the embarrassment.

We are in the transitional time of year here in Phoenix when going to bed is marred by the heat but by the time we wake it is cold outside. Windows are open and fans are a-blowing which helps a little beim schlafengehen but I wakes in the morning with the sensation of freezing. I am counting the days when it becomes hot enough to turn on the AC for more homogenous temperatures.

My bladder, normally the size of a large grapefruit, seems have shrunk to the size of a golf-ball. I am beginning to wake a few times in the night when I used to sleep through without need. Oh the nuisance.

In medieval times* people explained nightmares and cramps to malevolent fairies, ghosts, and succubi. I wouldn’t mind mid-night interruptions if they were caused by a visting handsome incubi but no such luck. Rather than call in an exorcist I need to limit my fluids after 7PM, do some stretches before retiring, and no BBC/CNN. It would also help if Harper didn’t wake me in the night in an urgent need to go outside to stand in the backyard just to stare at nothing.


*Overall a more friendly period.


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