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This is not a movie review but a Jungian psychological treatise on the large lizard.

I have just returned from seeing the new ‘Godzilla’ movie. For a couple of hours  I watched Mr. G. and his chums run around the screen. What they were doing I am not clear but that is not really the point. The audience and Urs Truly was there is see Kaiju A.K.A. Japanese monsters knock each other about. I’ve been a ‘Godzilla’ fan since my youth. I suppose I wasn’t disappointed in the movie; I got my money’s worth. The plot was one of the zaniest things I have seen on screen in a long time but I won’t go into detail lest Spo-fans reading this are planning on attending (I vote ‘yes’ you do just don’t expect Oscar performances). 

Sitting in the movie I thought about what Godzilla is rather than what he was doing. Godzilla has become an archetype in our collective psyches. Like most iconic creatures he’s changed over time. “Every generation gets the icons it needs” said one of my teachers* Godzilla is a personification of the atomic bomb. The first Godzilla movie was deadly serious with the big guy as an evil attacker (bomb) unleashed onto Japan. Over the decades Godzilla slowly transformed into the protector/guardian of all mankind not just Japan. 

In the early movies Godzilla and pals walked clumsily around model towns and knocking them down; we don’t see people actually hurt until aftewards in a scene where the children burned from radiation piled up in hospital.  Today’s movie had several shots of people being hurt by the monsters’ shenanigans. Curiously we don’t see the consequences of Godzilla. He’s seen from afar as we root him on while he busily destroys Boston. Today’s Godzilla movie has a lot of contemporary issues tied into the plot, making Godzilla not only a good guy but necessary for the survival of mankind. At one point the humans are GIVING him atomic energy to revivie him. How far we’ve come when he was the Shadow destroyer rather! 

After the movie Someone went to work leaving me home alone this afternoon. I purposely turned off the TV and phone to calm things down after all that IMAX agitation. 

I may read the online reviews  to see if people liked the movie or not. I suspect they did not but not because of the many maxims and the overacting. I think people will be disappointed when they didn’t see the Godzilla they wanted. If you put an archetype on the big screen you better be conscious what you are doing as you are playing with fire or in this case radioactive breath beams.  



*A good example is The Vampire. Think how it has changed over time from representing the Evil that was Eastern Europe to a misunderstood rebel.

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