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It seems Titivillus and his minions are working overtime at keeping me away from my blogging. I have three or four prodromal proses in various computers. Alas Babylon! These half-baked compositions always seem to be not where I am at the moment.* TBDHSR is understandably concerned about my failure to ‘keep things up’ but the funeral pyre (ready for lighting) on my front lawn is a bit much. Worse luck! I have a bit of time before the workday starts to scribble out some thoughts but my mind’s a blank. I guess it will have to be one of those ‘what’s happening” entries. This usually pleases no one but beggars can’t be choosers.**

Today after work I am finally – finally! – getting my teeth cleaned. It’s been ages since they were properly attended to. About two years ago I decided to try out the local dental school for my needs. it was nearby and practically free. I thought this would save me money and I would get good-enough care. In hindsight this is one of those ‘what on earth was I thinking?” decisions. Because of the slow pace there I would have to take the whole afternoon off to accommodate their careful care. I lost a lot of income for not seeing patients of my own. Penny-wise; pound-foolish. More often than not they would not complete something and tell me to make another appointment soon to finish things. This usually happened many months later, which by then meant having to ‘start all over again’. By the time they finally got around to getting my teeth cleaned the student’s supervisor decided she had not done a good enough job and I would I please come back soon to redo it. Bless their hearts that was enough. I am now more interested in time than saving money.

Last week I met the new dentist whom I found in one of the rag-mags at my favorite bar. He and his (dental) partner have been advertising in the community for years. Going there was a night and day experience. The office was spectacular and the staff more like concierges than hygienists. This afternoon after work (they have EVENING HOURS!!) my puffy gums are being blown to hell with some sort of laser technology. Best yet this will take just an hour to do – not 4-5 hour spurts done over a series of years. I will lose a lot of blood but it’s worth it to have teeth that don’t look like old piano keys.

A part of me feels guilty for all of this lovely service. Unlike my fellow white male counterparts I don’t feel comfortable with elitist care. There is a sense of being in the 1% with all its perks while the hoi polloi remain ill-served back at the subsidized dental school. Someone says I should knock off the liberal guilt and be grateful I can afford it. After tonight I soon I won’t be spitting blood every time I brush my buckies.

Besides, everyone at the new dentist office is drop-dead gorgeous including the dentists. That alone is worth the price of admission. 🙂

Clipart picture of a tooth cartoon character with braces on teeth


*This one is ‘at the Phoenix office”. Although there is work to be done I’ve postponed all activities to write this. I am hell-bent (keeping with the theme of damnation) to put out.

** I once tried to give a street person an orange. He declined the offered fruit and said he only took cash. I was bewildered as he has just asked me for help to ‘get something to eat’. He seemed a bit peeved at my careful inquiry into this seeming inconsistency and I was asked to move along.

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