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I’m at that age when my back goes out more than I do. This morning it went into one of its spasms. It is not a sharp pain but it is nasty. It makes me quite hobbled and it ruined my work-to-be-done plans. Usually there is a peripeteia before it busts but not today. It just seemed to happen. Oh the pain. I look like Groucho Marx when I walk about when I am walking about at all. 

My inability to sit still trumped my decrepitude that I got a few things done. The freezer needed desperate defrosting which in this heat happened in no time. There was a Ziploc bag of Halloween candy hiding among the Tupperware boxes with their unknown contents. I ate Kerr’s molasses candy with relish with a Motrin 800mg chaser. Both helped the pain.

It is nice to be caught up with paperwork, Spanish lessons, laundry, and ironing, – temporality. Someone is ushering this evening so I am home alone reading and writing blogs. 

If my back lets up I plan to do those put-off chores tomorrow. There is no lack of tasks. It’s been ages since I worked on a shirt; I have a few bags of cut-out bits wanting sewing. The hallways are full up with Harper-hair dust bunnies.

If I am no better than I will let things go another day and watch read away the day. Perhaps I should read “The Scientific Statement of Being” and convince my lower back pain it is only error and go away.  Maybe I will think up a proper no-rubbish entry.  Tune in to find out. 

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