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Harper is showing signs of aging: her golden-brown hair is turning white, especially around the snout and eyes. She seems to have a lower energy level and she seems to sleep a more. She doesn’t leap up as quick or as high as before but she still shows enthusiasm at the canine sensation I am contemplating a walk.  At this time of year after dinner we wait for the pavement to cool I don’t go directly to the drawer with the leashes and doggie bags but to the computer to do some paperwork until the sun sets. You try telling a dog we have to wait for sunset to go out. Harper comes a-running when she hears or senses I am done – ready for her walk.

Summer in Arizona is a tough time for dog walks. It gets quickly gets hot – too hot for dog paws While the evening strolls are problematic the morning walks are delightful. At 5AM the sun is up and the sidewalk not yet dangerous to go for our morning strolls. YShe quickly starts to pant into these hot summer strolls but she shows no signs of wanting to turn around. She perseveres. I make certain there is always fresh cold water in the clack dish for her return home.

By now everything  outside has dried up. The plants are kexy things of a uniform brown ugliness although no two are alike.  I can’t imagine these have any scent to them but Harper sticks her nose deep into these things trying to discover what’s happening.

I need to be mindful she has enough time on these walks as otherwise she gets no exercise. It’s the dog days of summer and we are all more likely to just stay indoors and not move. I used to invite Someone to accompany us but I’ve stopped doing this, somewhat because he doesn’t ever want to go but mostly because I want time alone with her. The dog walks are our time. Others aren’t invited.

I have a sense she is in decline. Every time we go for a walk I wonder how many more do we have. Who can say when she will become too decrepit to go out. Lately I am less wanting to go out and do things in order to stay home with her.

Until that inevitable time we  go twice a day (if we are good) back out onto the same trails which never seem to disappoint. Lucky dog to encounter the world so!  I am glad to be part of this, and provide such.



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