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The Board of Directors Here at Spo-Reflections is a lot like Youtube: both become officially outraged at offenses at content but they don’t put a stop to things when they see the comments are coming in. TBDHSR fustigated me that Harper is ‘not that old” and knock off the equivocations. However they were pleased as punch to see the numbers of thoughtful comments from yesterday’s entry. Nevertheless they advised me I write about something insipid to calm things down a bit. So here’s a boring one.

Every med school as an unofficial panacea; mine was ‘Push fluids’. They needn’t have worried as I am continually watching my intake. After all I am a ‘water sign’ who lives in a roasting desert.  I am grateful to have a menu of moistures from which to choose.

Tap water –

What comes out of the pipes here isn’t too bad. Our water comes from the Colorado River basin. Goodness knows how many kidneys it passes through before it goes through mine but it seems OK. It tastes only a bit ‘off’ and this is only noted when compared to bottled or treated water. It has a slightly chalk taste to it. I have no overt qualms to drink it on the grounds some water is better than none. However, it makes awful tea for on the surface of the cooled cuppa there is a most unappetizing slight chemical oil slick.

I give Arizona tap water 3 stars.

Filtered water –

Under the sink is contraption resembling pan pines that filters the tap water before it goes the fridge to make the ice cubes. There is also a dispenser off the sink. I’ve forgotten what it horrible feints it filters. Whatever it allegedly removes the results are the water tastes better. This is the ‘house water’, the WOC (Water of choice). It has a less of flat taste. Once a year some nice man comes to change the filters. Like the manufacturing of sausages I don’t ask.

I give AZ filtered water 4 stars.

Bottled water –

Nowadays it is not PC to drink bottled water as it makes a for a lot of plastic waste. I drink some only when I am on the run and can’t find a drinking fountain. I suspect most bottled water is just sales huckom so I always buy what’s cheapest.

I give bottled water 2 stars.

Evian water –

OK I lied, this one is different. Evian water has a soft alkaline taste as if it has been through a rock pile. It is frightfully expensive and I always feel guilty for drinking some.  It seems to have disappeared from all the AZ gas stations so that’s a mercy. I sometimes keep a six pack in my office fridge mostly to impress the new patients who ask for a drink. Lugging Evian water to and from work is a bit of a task, which worsens its already bad carbon footprint.

I give Evian 4 stars.

Carbonated water –

Sometimes it is fun to have a some fizzywater. They don’t lack for variety; the number of flavors seem to have accelerated in the past year. In a double blind taste test I discovered the generic store stuff tastes nearly as good as La Croix so I buy Albertsons. Curiously I am still thirsty after I drink them.

I give fizzy-water 3 stars

My favorite water –

This would be the tap water that originates from The Great Lakes whether in Chicago or Grosse Pointe. No doubt this is cognitive bias on my part as it is the water I grew up drinking. I should do another double-blind taste test but there is a part of me that likes to believe it is the best water and don’t question me.

I give Lake Michigan water 5 stars.

Keep hydrated this summer!

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