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First – I want to apologize to my fellow blogger-buddies about my lack of reciprocal readings of your blogs. I feel bad about this. The week(s) leading up to this weekend holiday have been brutal. I’ve had no time to do much let along read blogs.  I hope to remember this anon.  

Yesterday while driving to Santa Fe I achieved at Duolingo 100 days in a row of Spanish lessons. Que excelente! I wish I could say this means I am able to speak Spanish but it has not, as demonstrated last night at the bar. The bartender/waiter was too polite not to tell me I sounded dreadful as his tip was in question. I read Spanish at a grade level and I know a lot of nouns and adjectives. I also know a lot of statements like “La vaca lavo su ropa ayer.” which are charming but probably not very useful.  What I really need to do is actually speak Spanish with someone but whenever I do I am suddenly at loss what to say. 

Another milestone finished (somewhere west of Albuquerque) was the food magazines.  Recent Spo-fans may not be aware of this lofty project. Years ago The Lovely Neighbor gave me piles of old food magazines. Every time I go on a road trip I take a handful of Gourmet and Bon Appetite magazines and I rip out the recipes that look interesting to make.  I guess we should have gone on more road trips as this took years to accomplish.  I now have a massive accordion file of potential dishes.  Part II (hopefully faster than the first) is to put them in some sort of order and throw out the redundancies and on second-thought no thank you items.*  Step III is actually starting to make some of these things. I hope they are good as I’ve spent a hell of a lot of time doing this. 

The third project in the eight hour trek was catching up on Audio-books. We have heaps neither one of us is tackling. I was ready to discuss all sorts of topics with Someone about Life, The Universe, and House matters but we listened to “Circe” for most of the ride.  So far it’s a good book.  


Accomplishments are all very well but today is Friday which will be mostly make it up as we go along. As it is the eve of my birthday I will use this as an excuse to buy something scrumptious if something leaps off the shelf at me. Tonight is the opera. The Santa Fe Opera is a splendid out-of-doors setting to hear lovely music about people dying in awful ways. Tonight we hear the opera “The Pearl Fishers” which I recall ends badly for somebody I forget whom.  The opera is best known for a duet of two dudes. 

It’s lovely and I hope I am awake for it. 

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