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I want to thank everyone for the birthday greetings. I love you all. I was especially touched by AM A.K.A Warrior Queen who sent this handsome fellow. I can die now a contented man: I finally got that blasted pony for my birthday!  Brother #3 called yesterday and asked if I got any good birthday prizes that day, quickly adding “Did you get a pony?  Well, you could have knocked him over with a feather!

July and August make up the hot season when the indoor temperatures of 85F feel almost  chilly compared to the outdoor temps of 100-115F. For the next eight weeks the butter will be kept in the refrigerator as if left out on the counter it gets quite runny. My careful precut tablespoons run together into a sorry sight. [1]

I like butter; I prefer it as a topping to almost any other. It is a food stuff I am willing to pay more for if there is better flavor for it. Once upon a time I got as a treat some artisan butter made from milk squeezed from the backsides of organic grass-fed cows by organic farmers in Vermont. My soul swooned at the superior complex flavor of the stuff. It beat the usual supermarket fodder by a country mile. Most butter tastes pale and puny compared to the proper stuff.  

Butter tends to go on/off the no-no list of foods to eat. I recall a time it as considered the death knell. I never liked margarine much so I was smiled a bit when it was judged in turn as the evil one and we should all go back to using proper butter no rubbish. To this day buttered toast (or in a pinch, buttered crackers) remains my favorite treat surpassing nasty chips.

Someone is not a big butter fan as I nor is he one to clarify butter as I like to do when cooking. [2] He has been known to put ‘buttery’ topping on the cinema popcorn. I shudder to consider what goes into the making the stuff. [3]

I eat less butter in the summer months as to do so I have remember to take the butter dish out of the fridge to allow sufficient time to have it warm up to room temperature. This releases its nuances and no the microwave does not count.  There is nothing more irksome than trying to spread ice-cold butter – and it doesn’t taste as good.  

When I am down and in need of some comfort food nothing beats bread and butter. A proper piece of bread or toast with a pad of proper butter is the food of the gods or at least the demigods. Add a cup of tea and I am a very happy Spo. 


[1] I put the sticks of butter in the freezer a little while to assist with me cutting the sticks into one tablespoon sections. Does anyone else do this?  The eight precise pieces are placed onto the butter dish. For those needing to watch their calories this allows one to take a precise amount for calorie counting.

[2] Clarifying butter is a bit time consuming and a tad fussy but it creates a better butter that doesn’t brown or burn in the cooking as does whole butter. Try it some time why don’t you. 

[3]  I just looked it up. Turns out it is all chemicals. 

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