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I am in a pugnacious mood today.

Someone and I recently got our colonoscopies. They were the same type of ‘scope and they were done by the same physician at the same office, done a week apart. We have the same insurance. His bill was ~40$ while mine was ~ 700$. When we questioned this discrepancy we were told it’s because I have a h/o polyps and he does not. The insurance company saw his as ‘prevention’ and mine was something else.  Speaking as a patient and as a physician the US medical system sucks the big one. There goes the summer travel budget. The USA could fix this inhumane system but we don’t. It’s like an old man too anxious and set in his ways who would rather keep trying to use the same defective toaster rather than buying a new one he is not familiar with.

Yesterday the pharmaceutical representative brought in Indian food for lunch. I asked mine to be made ‘Indian hot’.  Oh the pain. Last night was spent with abominable abdominals with borborygmos of ballistic proportions.  This misery can not pass (figuratively speaking) soon enough. I am getting too old for this sort of nonsense.  Better stick with Tewkesbury rats and hold the hot sauce.

The 40-50 C summer temperatures are here obliging one to stay indoors and estivate for the next eight weeks. This will be the first summer in decades we don’t have a week-long holiday in August to get the hell out.  I hope there’s enough iced tea to last. Long island iced teas sound even better if I can remember the recipe.

I’ve turned off the news for a while. Who needs it. Politics, plane crashes and bad weather – I’ve got enough to last me a life time.   The only silver lining of this retreat is I may finally finish reading Pepys diary; I’ve got one more year to go.

Finally, to end on a less sour note, here’s a fun word:

Congery:   [n.] the use of different and successive words or phrases that all mean the same thing, used to make a point.

That’s all. Finished. That’s it. Done.



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