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iu.jpgIt’s been a very difficult work week. It absorbed all my time depriving me restful nights and days of doing not much else. I won’t go into details. In a pique of emotional acting out I decided to turn off the Facebook account. I am feeling bad and FB seems to just rub the wound worse with people’s fabulous happy posts about their achievements and travels that I am not having. So, I put up a post-it saying good-bye for now and who knows when I will return and there it is. 

I give the folks at Facebook credit where it’s due. They’ve designed a brilliant time-sucking device that gets me to continually check-in when I could or should be doing something else. Their goals are to get me to see their ads and get my data for their monetary gain.  In my fretful week I decided enough is enough at least for now.

So far the world hasn’t come to an end. 

The habit to go there whenever I have a moment or am bored soon dissipated. I am surprised how quickly I’ve lost interest and am not thinking about it. There is a big component to social media called ‘fear of missing out’ but I don’t feel like I am missing anything. Either I have the most shallow of friends or I’ve been sold on how important is it to see my aunt’s latest platitude or my friend’s’ latest work out photo.

Curiously none of my FB friends have tried to communicate with me via other means to find out how I am. I don’t feel hurt. Rather it is rather pleasant.  It feels like the good old days when you didn’t need or want to know the daily-doings of your aunts and chums. I am begging to feel more relaxed. I hope positive and peaceful past times fill the void .  I am trying not to substitute FB with other on-line time-sucking devices. Today is Saturday; thanks to work I’ve had no time last week to do anything else, so my ‘there’s work to be done’ list is as long as my arm. 

I suspect I will someday return to Facebook but I won’t hurry back. This summer I want to read some books and the house is in need of desperate cleaning. It’s been a week since I read blogs.  That’s on the agenda. I never finish reading blogs and feel I’ve wasted time as I always do when I come off of Facebook. 

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