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weather-thermometer-hot-thermometer-hotToday I finally got caught up in my blog reading. I was pleased as punch to do so.  I was feeling some guilt about this; now I feel better. I don’t know why exactly I should feel bad about a past time. It must be just the way a Lutheran feels – or how they look anyway. 

It’s the hottest time of the year and I don’t want to do nuttin. The cement pond is of no help for the afternoon sun warms it to the temperature of bathwater. I stop dressing up for work for the summer sun warms the office to the point no AC or floor fan can keep up. It shall be a tedious eight weeks. Never mind summer, bring on Halloween. 

It’s a dog’s life here in the dog days. Someone gave Harper a bath. She suffers these indignities with a glum countenance but I think she likes the cool water. Afterwards she has a good shake and estivates the day away.

Alas there are no July/August plans to escape the ardent Valley of the Sun so we have to find what cool places we can. We go to the bars more in the summer time as they keep them quite cool – cooler than our abode which is a comfortable 80F  (compared to 110F out of doors). Trouble is after one drink in a cold dark climes that are the bars I am ready to sleep. Going to the grocery store is better but one tends to buy more as one lingers before facing the inevitable leaving the store to go home.  
Happily we are stocked up with fizzy water and I keep a pitcher of water in the fridge along with some lemon slices. I pour myself a glass and turn on the floor fan and feel like royalty.  It’s 10PM or so and the outside is still above body temperature. I will have me some aqua fria con limon and bid you all good night and hope for the Muses (or someone like them) to give me a proper blog entry idea than this one. 


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