I was recently rummaging around the photos in my blog when it dawned on me to make a sort of ’12 of 12′ entry so popular among the “A’ listers in the blog community.



1 – This is the first photo I ever posted on the blog; it was posted in 2006.   


2- This is Miss Insanity. She’s been gracing my blogs for over a decade.  


3 – This glabrous photo is only the time in my life I was sans hair sans whiskers sans everything. 


4- Someone dislikes having his photo taken as he frets what sort of wrongful context will it be posted in. Notice we are wearing the appropriate tones of to go with our complexions.    


5- This is the first photo every posted of Harper. 


6- I don’t get much ‘hate’ comments/email but this photo brought some in. Those on the Right took umbrage at my comment President Obama has a degree in Constitutional Law and he also knows how to spell. 


7 – This is the only photo I could find of Someone and The Best Friend.


8- Later Spo-fans may not know once upon a time I sent a Spo-shirt around the world for Spo-fans to take their photo wearing it.  Here is the late Cajun in his photo. Many of the recipients have either died or dropped out of blogging. I don’t think the shirt was cursed. 


9 – ‘Spo-reflections’ is generally “G” rated but once in awhile I push it. This is my future ex-husband Jack Radcliffe. He is well over four feet. 


10 -This is the photo wins the ‘most regrettable’ award.  Imagine if I ever have to interact with the judicial system or a hiring agency. Oh the embarrassment.  


11- Of all the Spo-shirts I’ve ever made this is the one of which I am most proud.  Will F. owns it; I hope he and the shirt are holding up and he loves it as much as I do. 



12 – Spo-reflections has thirteen years of photos. This is my favorite.

  I love it so.