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It’s been a mad mad mad week what with work demands and all. Last night Someone and I took a friend to “Aida” something she had never seen.* It was enjoyable spending a night not doing paperwork for once. Unfortunately I am up to my oxters in homework; it’s going to be a long and tedious weekend.


Spo-fans may be interested to know not one jockstrap ad has appeared in my phone or on the website. At intermission I signed onto Twitter to have a look see: no undergarments of any sort were in sight. It was just the usual seething cesspool of endless gunge so I hung up. One sympathetic Spo-fan (the dear!) sent some photos via email in order to cheer me up. As Mr. Pepys likes to say in his diary it pleased me very much.

Duolingo the language app tells me I’ve had a 120 day-long streak of Spanish lessons. I am pleased to say I am reading Spanish at a grammar school level but there’s a sensation I’ve been had. The other day I tried to speak some Spanish to one of the receptionists only to discover I could do so. I really should hire someone to speak with. Rather than fecklessly saying ‘jockstrap’ into the cellphone I should wish for some nice hombre bonito to appear and ask me how is my mother and is it raining there and what are you wearing that sort of stuff. This would be better than all the Duolingos in the world.

At work I started putting little gold star stickers on the checkout slips of the patients doing ducky. It is a whimsical perhaps mawkish move I thought would create a smile at most. Patience above! Patients are getting off on this. You think they had won the lottery. Many peel off the star from the paper in order to take them home with them. It’s nice to know simple acts of kindness can make such an impact.

The Board of Directors Here at Spo-Reflections like to remind me if I am going to write ‘one of those wretched random thoughts entries’ they should total an odd number. They are wildly superstitious about even numbered things so this is here to stave off bad luck that comes in the form of thirteen Icelandic trolls (?)  who are the equivalent to Urs Truly’s Cup Sprites. I looked up this fairy cabal and now I am sorely tempted to leave this entry at ‘four’ as I want to meet them. But then again I wouldn’t get the TBDHSR gold sticker equivalent which is a dead thrall.  Groovy.



*She liked it.

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