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This is the third draft of this bit of nonsense. The first two drafts have disappeared. I suspect the Nargles are behind it. Whoever is the culprit it is apropos for the entry. 

A recent Spo-fan inspired by the thirteen dwarves mentioned in the latest entry emailed me to inquire after all the fairy folk that are running amok here. She writes Casa de Spo seems overrun by ghosts and goblins and even the pool is full up with dangerous water spirits. The blog itself is manned by legendary characters and the entries inspired by goddesses of various mythos. Tell me about it. This is the consequence of having played Dungeons & Dragons in my youth and studying Jungian psychology in my dotage. If you go poking about the penetralia of the Psyche one is bound to release the Kraken and his comrades.  As Pandora learned too late you can’t put them back in the box; it’s best to learn to live with them.

An active imagination was once upon a time considered a good thing and having such helped pass the time when daily doings grew tedious. No one is bored anymore of course what with cellphones and such providing 24/7 divertissements.  When the mind is focused on ‘Toy Blast’  there’s no room for three-legged cyclops and cucumber trees to get in.  Someone who sometimes works at Comic-con conventions makes a valid point there is no lack of adults who are crackers about fantasy but I think there’s a difference. I am not talking about media-made characters but what stems from a child’s mind when they are given a blank white piece of paper and a box of Crayolas. Another change (and this is a sad one) is fantasy and imaginary lands were once conjured up to escape the dreariness of ho-hum reality. Nowadays people and politics about as truthful as The Wizard of Oz so there is no need to go find fantasy as it is reality. At least Dungeons and Dragons plays by rules and there is a ghost of a chance (pun intended) of succeeding.

The Board of Directors Here and Spo-reflections can go on smashing the board room furniture for a long while thank you. I am not Zhong Kui slayer of demons but St. Gallen making peace with his ferocious roommate.  I like having monsters under the bed and Archetypes popping in unexpectedly like Samantha Steven’s relations. All the same I wish the Cup Sprites would knock it off moving my mugs around and it would be nice to swim in the dark without Jenny Greenteeth dragging me down to my doom. 


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