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Although there is work to be done it’s too hot to do anything. My Protestant Work Ethic neurosis in cahoots with the OCD-like parts of my brain usually run the roost on the weekends, having me scurry about non-stop doing tidy up. The less cerebral parts of my body staged a coup this morning by combining GI upset and general malaise. This less than cerebral sabotage has obliged me to sit still and lay low. The chores will just have to wait. The thermostat is normally set at 85F but I’ve turned it down to a gelid 80F. *

Seasoned Spo-fans know The Lovely Neighbor gave me her vast collection of food magazines before she moved away. Throughout the years I’ve been ripping out recipes that look good to someday make. Part I is complete: all the mags have been pilfered.  Part II is to organize the clippings into tasty taxonomies – also done. 

As you can see in the photo Part II is spread out on the dining room table. My soul swoons; what a collection! It certainly doesn’t lack for variety. Part III is commences: reread the recipes for redundancies and continuing desirability. I suspect I will throw out several. This is a good task to do through on this hot Sunday evening and while I have no appetite. Sorting through the slips I saw several repeats, which makes sense. I want to make coq au vin and I like pasta dishes so I would rip these out whenever I saw one.  I have heaps. 

Parts I-III were pretty straight forward. Part IV is the challenging one: making them. It looks if I actually tried to make every recipe I ripped out I would not live long enough to do so. I feel obliged to make them not just throw them out with a change of heart. There is a sunk-cost feeling about this all.  I will try to be positive not negative. These dishes look downright delicious; I really want to make them. They are various, tasty, and exciting – like my men.

For Sunday supper I plan to make this soup chosen from the Soup section as we have old chicken and stock to use in a Martha T. White Memorial Food Push.**  It’s a start. 


*As it is 115F outside this indoor this temperature feels cool. The ceilings are quite high in the Casa de Spo allowing heat to rise, which helps some as well.

**My grandparents were Charles and Martha White. Each pushed food for different reasons. In a Charles O. White Memorial Food Push you eat something as it will make you grow and strong and it’s good for you. In a Martha T While Memorial Food Push you eat something so there are no leftovers to save and later throw out when no one eats them.  

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