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“Well that was a boner killer” said the email from You-know-who. They didn’t like yesterday’s entry. I was ordered to write something ‘light and entertaining’ or be placed on my funeral pyre now whether I was dead or alive.


Today’s topic is pizza.

Little Caesar’s. This is the pizza I grew up eating. Once a week or so it was ‘Pizza night’ and we kids loved it. Everyone loves pizza, no? Father’s tastes were limited to pepperoni only so one pizza was that and the other one was what we kids wanted. This was the advantage of ‘Pizza, pizza”. I have no memory if the pizza was any good. I wonder what LC tastes like nowadays. Little Caesars is a nostalgia food – and that always tastes good.

I give Little Caesars: 3 stars

Domino’s. When I went to college in Ann Arbor, MI I stayed at Couzens Hall. There was a corner store across the street from the dorm. The shop changed owners a few times but ended as a quaint little pizza shop called Dominos. I remember Tom M. himself was there to greet and serve. I was at the start of an empire – maybe my patronage made it so.  Mr. M went on to be a religious zealot and his pizza degenerated into cheap no good eats. Unlike LC, eating Dominos doesn’t elicit Proustian memories of things past.

I give Dominos: 1 star

Detroit -style pizza. I grew up in the Detroit area. Father played softball sponsored by Shields Bar. After the games we went to the place where they served Detroit-style pizza. It was a thick pizza with a thin crust, a sort of deep dish pizza. I recently learned Detroit-style pizza is a Sicilian pizza. I haven’t had one in decades. I recall it was very cheesy. I would love to have one if they still exist.

I give Detroit Pizza: 4 stars

Chicago deep dish pizza. I lived in Chicago from 1988-2000. I learned to love Chicago deep-dish pizza. It is stuffed with spinach and mushrooms and it must be eaten with utensils. It is superb. I must get one whenever I go back there.

I give Chicago Pizza: 5 stars.

Digiorno’s Pizza. This is the frozen pizza at La Casa de Spo. I admit it is not very tasty; it is rather doughy and it doesn’t have enough sauce (I love a good sauce). However it is hot, cheap, and quick – like my men.  It is good for Someone to eat when he comes home late from work.

I give Digiornos: 2 stars.

Hawaiian Pizza.  Someone likes pineapple but he doesn’t like Hawaiian pizza.  I don’t care for pineapple much but I enjoy Hawaiian pizza. There’s no accounting for taste.

I give Hawaiian Pizza: 3 stars.

Finally! Here is the official Spo-pizza. It consists of six toppings:


Olives (proper Kalamata, no rubbish black or green)

Roasted red peppers

Sun dried tomatoes


Onion (red)

Do not dare to question this.

Spo-fans: please tell me what sort of pizza and toppings you like.

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