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I received an email from an opsimath Spo-fan wishing to know if The Board of Directors Here at Spo-Reflections is a group with fluctuating members or a set bunch. It is the latter. The present coterie has been there from the get-go and not likely to go away anytime soon. There are eight of them – ensconced as the rocks at Stonehenge; nothing knocks them down. I don’t know if they guard their posts zealously from invaders or if it’s a simple case no one wants the post.  Despite their uncouth protocols and abysmal lack of hygiene I guess I kind of love’em. They keep me writing when I lose heart. Here is an update on what’s happening in their marvelous mythical matters.

Sven – He remains well over four feet. For the thirteenth year in a row he’s been voted CEO clan-leader thanks to his no-nonsense don’t-question-me approach and  heavy bribery. The ‘no credit card’ policy (his baby) remains in force. As a consequence there has been no need to raid Equifax – again.

Bjorn –He is the Chief Editor at the blog having taught rhetoric and trivium at Ragnorak U. north of Uppsala. He remains fond of the mead but this keeps him from being too boisterous and busy-body. I have a theory the other members dope him up. Rumor has it he and Beowulf are dating again but when confronted he states they are just good friends like Achilles and Patroculus.

Helga “Pippi” Long-stocking – She’s the Martha Stewart of the group but without her charms. Over the years she’s slowly taken over more responsibilities going from mere party organizer to time-keeper-whistle-blower-referee. The men-folk boost of their achievements but she gets things done. It’s a comfort to know she’s behind most machinations making certain things don’t go awry.

Snorri Sturlson the 23rd – There’s scandal at TBHSR ! Mr. SS may be only the 21st of that name .  Two bastard Sturlsons were discovered in the family tree. There’s debate if they should count. Snori, whose voice resembles a klaxon, still makes the most noise at. the board meetings. Asgard and Associates (who rent the office next door) continually ask him to make less noise alas to no avail.

Slater-Wotan – He remains in charge of the photos which appear on the blog. He’s only got one eye and it isn’t as good as it was. He refuses to wear glasses (in his case a monocle).  Behind his back Helga refers to him as Mr. Magoo.

Oscar ‘Bunny’Jarl – Bless his heart he’s still the oldest board member. He is a dear. He doesn’t do much anymore but he’s hoisted up for every meeting. I think the other members are superstitious about him: if he falls the hall will fall. Please don’t feed him buns and things.

Walter Cnut Fafner– He is a giant of a man, well over fourteen feet although with time he’s dropped an inch or two. That’s diet that is. Helga gathered up some of his spittle (we have heaps) and sent it to one of those genetic testing sites to determine once and for all if he has Frost-giant genes. It turns out no: he is actually related to the 13 Icelandic Lads. No one was more shocked than Walter. He contiues to play the Eddas but he’s branched out to Bjorn tunes, much to the dismay of the other members. No wonder Snorri shouts so.

7/31 Edit:

Herbert – Patience above! I forgot to mention Herbert! This is not surprising as he remains the quiet one. He’s The Clarence Thomas of the Board and about as useful.  When he says something the others sit up and often take his word as gospel even if it is something like “It’s hot in here” or “I have an itch”.  He still has all his digits so he types the emails.

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