Saturday night last my iPhone suddenly lost 3/4 of its telephone numbers. My first thought was The Rapture had occurred and my most of my contacts had been lifted up along with their data.*  On Sunday morning while Someone was away working I tried to restore the phone via the computer. At the end of this two hour ordeal the iPhone ‘froze’ with its white apple logo glowing bright against the black obsidian screen. No matter what I tried to do I could not turn it on or off. As Beckett says in “Waiting for Godot”: nothing to be done. It would be a day without a cellphone. 

I immediately worried how I was going to do my job as my phone generates six-digit numbers needed to write prescriptions.  Then I realized I would not be able to do my Duolingo lessons ruining my 130 day streak.  What a let down.

I felt isolated; no one could call or text me. This was quite pleasant and felt almost liberating. Normally my phone continually broadcasts podcasts or medical lectures or tunes. Suddenly it was quiet. Every sound I made seemed to echo throughout the house. Doing things in silence is something not familiar to me; it was simultaneously unsettling and soothing. 

Eventually Someone came home and he got right to trying to fix the situation although a good part of me was quite content to wait until an appointment could be made at The Genius Bar at Apple in Scottsdale – preferably Labor Day weekend. My ‘day without cellphone’ turned into a ‘day trying to fix the cellphone’.  He looked up a solution of pushing three buttons on the phone in a certain sequence. Alas, no such luck. The bright white Apple logo just sat like a sphinx. Eventually he found someone on line with whom I could text on the laptop.

I don’t know who is “Jovan” or where he/she lives/works but he quickly told me to push three buttons on my phone in a certain sequence. To my amazement this worked right away. I wanted to defend myself we had already tried this so what the hell but rather I gave him a good rating as being more brilliant than I.

All my contacts are back in the phone – another Armageddon day debunked. I was relieved but saddened to see no one that day had tried calling or texting in a frenzy trying to get hold of me to see if I had died or something.  

It’s an ill wind that blows nobody good. I had a nostalgic pre-cellphone day and I didn’t die from ‘fear of missing out’. I also discovered Duolingo is assessable via a website and this goes much better than via the phone.

I think I will schedule some times to turn it off for the peace and quiet of it all. 



*It was fascinating to see who had been ‘raptured’ and who was left behind. I deduced the actual Rapture hadn’t occurred as many of my blogger buddies were among the ones who had disappeared and they are no more like to be raptured than I am likely to be taking confessions at St. Peter’s.