Note – this is another one of those entries that puzzled The Board of Directors Here at Spo-reflections. They could not figure out if it was serious or a joke.  When this happens they usually just put it on a boat in the middle of a lake and shoot flaming arrows at it or they ask me to write one of these ‘warnings’ to explain it’s not serious.

We are officially in the astrological time of Virgo. This means my propensity towards self-improvement is more active than usual if that’s possible.* Lord knows there are no lack of things that want improving. It’s just after 56-57 years of constantly striving towards self-growth I think I’ve had enough. My brain hurts. Perpetual pursuit of perfection is rawther exhausting. It doe not help no one around me shares in my enthusiasm for ersatz apotheosis.  Someone is quite content at the end of his long and busy day to sit in front of the TV playing a game on his cellphone while watching reruns of The Big Bang Theory.  Few (any?) of my patients really want to ‘grow’; they just want their symptoms alleviated.  I see on the news the whole nation seems disinterested in improving.

I need to realize I don’t have a problem managing my time as I just want to do too many things – time to cut back. Being a Mr. Douglas surrounded by Hootervillagers is a frustrating feckless thing indeed. The Sleestak devolved so can I. Perhaps it is time to eat the lotus and just play Angry Birds. **  This weekend I could read lofty books and listen to some oh-so-educational podcasts (NPR stuff mostly) and create culinary lovelies to make Martha Stewart mad-jealous – or not.  Wasting two days on mindless endeavors while eating out of tins (better yet – take out) might do me some good.  It’s worth a try. I hope I have enough clean Derek Roses so as to avoid doing the laundry.



*Spo-fans know in my horoscope has ‘Saturn in Virgo’ which means I have a mania towards improving things. Oh the pain.

** I hope more than a few Spo-fans catch these three-four references.