I’ve been waiting a while for The Muses or somebody like them to give me inspiration for a blog entry. No such luck.  My usual mode of operation is to wait patiently like Penelope but The Board of Directors Here at Spo-Reflections will have none of that. They play the role of The Suitors in my personal Odyssey; they are demanding an entry now or they burn down La Casa de Spo and the garage. So here’s the equivalent of undoing the weaving while I wait for Odysseus or somebody like him.*

Looking back on the summer of 2019 I conclude it was a bit of a bust. As a boy I looked forward to endless summers; now I count the days until they pass. This morning I realized this weekend is Labor Day.  There are no plans but the usual lot of house chores and paperwork. I lead a dull life. Perhaps I will go to the stores and have a look-see at the autumn and Halloween items for sale; this invariably cheers me up.

Here’s a little story to cheer you up perhaps; it is about a good deed doing good:

A few weekends ago one of the bartenders at our favorite watering hole asked me to write an on-line review.  I obliged with the following:

My favorite watering hole.
I return to ‘X’ time and time again, preferring it to the others. There are many good reasons. The traditional cocktails are made well. However the bar staff are quick to create concoctions for the curious. The marvelous bartenders and waitstaff consistently provide excellent service and they make me feel welcome. K and R (the dears!) are especially stellar. They even know how to make a proper boulevardier! The management is lucky to have them.  Excellent drinks provided with good friendly service in a fabulous ambience – isn’t this the bottom line for a bar? I give ‘X’ five stars.

Last weekend when we went for show tunes night** K presented me with two recently purchased bottles of crème de violette and luxardo cherry liquor. These are the esoteric but vital ingredients to make The Aviation, one of my favorites. I’ve been harping on them for some time.  “X’ now can make all my favorites and I don’t have to go to “H” (their competition).  It’s the same principle as Santa Claus: ask and they bring you things.

It’s a small matter what I did. It’s nice to see it’s still the little things that make Life more pleasant and worthwhile.  Go thou and do likewise.



*Spo-fans who aren’t getting this should read Homer.

*Last weekend at the grocery store the Halloween candy already up on the shelves. Oh the horror

***I think I will write an entry some day about this dreamy and enchanted place where all the wait staff are dears and well over four feet.