Alas Babylon! My blood pressure medication (losartan) looks to be a bust and I am at the ‘max dose”. The blood pressure (BP) is running readings as high as 200/105.* It was fine when I was taking amlodipine. Unfortunately that medicine was causing my gums to be bloody and puffy much to the chagrin of the dentist. She advised me to change my blood pressure pill for the sake of my choppers. I did so;  I haven’t had a day’s good reading since. The Good Doctor is trying a few meds of different sorts and none of them work.  The irony of this is the dentist was pleased as punch to see my mouth had improved – but then she took my blood pressure and exclaimed I couldn’t have my teeth worked upon that day due to my elevated blood pressure.** I am ready to just go back on the amlodipine and the teeth be damned.  Dentures seems preferable to having a stroke.

I’ve managed to dodge most major health problems unfortunately high blood pressure is not one of them. HTN (hypertension) runs in my family. I wasn’t surprised when the doctor discovered it (genetics being what they are). I was annoyed though this was happening when I was  ~ 30 years old.  That’s an old man’s disease!  Like many folks I tried to weasel out of taking any meds. I was going to beat this myself! I dieted; I cut out salt; I ‘zenned’.  I tried the Christian Science approach by telling my BP readings it is only ‘error’ and ‘unseeing’ it. Unfortunately it refuses to ‘unsee’ me. Every time I’ve stopped taking meds up shoots the BP and I nearly have a stroke. ***  I stay on meds and there it is.  Now if we can only find one that works AND doesn’t cause gingival hyperplasia (puffy inflamed gums).  I see The Good Doctor next week and I hope he has a solution. I am so far out from med school I haven’t a clue about the on the treatment of HTN so I let him do his craft without any of my smarty-pants/just enough information dialogue.  I have noticed ‘the bar has dropped’ since I was doing internal medicine what was considered “OK” BP readings are now the new ‘borderline hypertension’ making my current pressures a downright crisis rather than being merely elevated.

Until we can figure out what to do I am being a timorous towards strenuous activities such as dead-lifts at the gym and watching CNN. No rolling down grass hills for a while either worse luck.  I dislike the notion of looking into the bathroom mirror to see one eye looking straight and steady while its fellow has become dilated and is slowly slipping to the side like an untied tugboat. Oh the horror.



*Normal blood pressure is 120/80.  I am nearly double this.  Not good. Not good at all.

**I have moved on to another dentist.

***Someone’s blood pressure always runs low. Whenever I take a reading at home and exclaim in pique the damned machine must be faulty by blood pressure can’t be that high Someone checks his pressure only to get something like 116/70. Stirge.