I think I was about six or seven years old when I realized Canada was a separate country and I wasn’t a citizen of such. We went there often; on the whole I liked it better than home. I remember being aghast and a bit outraged by this news like when you show up to a resort you’ve longed to see only to find the front desk can’t find your reservation and you must go to motel. Canada seemed a more civilized country that dealt with its problems more sensibly and with less violence than the States. I also had a passion to be part of the U.K. England et. al. was full up with splendid history and charms and people with manners. Plus – in both places I could get a proper cup of tea! I was quite willing to be a subject of the Queen either way. I even had a plan to seek asylum (whatever that was) when we next visited Sarnia.

I’m sure both were cases of country-envy were cases of ‘the grass is greener on the other side of the fence’ (in these specific cases The Detroit river and The Atlantic Ocean, respectively). For better or worse my charming illusions are being slowly stripped away from me. It seems from the news Canada and Britain are becoming more like the States with each passing year. I don’t understand Brexit* which sounds more complicated than The War of the Roses. PM Johnson looks to resemble President Trump only perhaps without his charms. His latest shenanigans sound very Trumpish indeed, calling on Parliament to dissolve to advance his agenda. To my relief it looks like the British cheques and balances are in place and (better yet) being respected even by members of his own party. I read even his relations are publicly criticizing him on his shennanigans. Imagine if the GOP or Trump’s daughter spoke up like this!

As for Canada – Robertson Davies wrote Canada has two great myths: The Myth of Innocence and The Myth of Difference. Apparently Trump and U.S. GOP-types are slowly working their way into power up there using the same tactics as Trump with (sadly) the same success. I thought The Canucks had more common sense than Yanks to reject rubbish.  No doubt someone**will propose scraping The Canadian national health care and loosen laws to make the provinces figuratively just thirteen large states.

My sincere hope there are enough proper sensible people in both parts of the Empire not wanting nonsense enough to succumb to the siren song of Yankee politics and do-it-yourself-and-if-you-fail-it’s-your-fault philosophies – with assault rifles.



*Does anyone? Spo-fans who know please write in the comments with a CC to PM Johnson.

**My bet it will arise out of Alberta. It seems to me every USA-sounding conservative proposal comes from Alberta. When I remove the names the contents sounds eerily like Alabama.