I took a break this weekend to surf the internet to see what would I encounter. After falling down the rabbit hole that is Youtube I stumbled across a ‘Scooby Doo where are you?’ episode. Is it possible I’ve seen one in fifty years? I remember not being a big fan of the show back in my halcyon Hanna-Barbara days. Scooby Doo was unsettling to me – not just for the ghosts and ghouls but by the heroes. There seemed to be no explanation how these four odd characters came together or who owned the van let alone the talking dog. Perhaps I missed the episode with the background information. It all had an absurdity to it. I’ve been told the makers of the series hotly deny the show had anything to do with drugs but this is like denying Georgia O’Keefe flowers are yonic. Even as a ten year old I thought everybody connected to the show (including the producers) were taking something.

I forget which episode I just saw but I suspect its formula applies to all of them: these groovy savvy kids stumble into a haunted situation the scared adults can’t figure out and believe at face value. The ghost de jour chases them around for half an hour until they turn the tables around and trap it. Lo! the mask is ripped off to reveal it was just a person motivated by greed to keep people away and in their place. Case closed.

I was trained in science; I found it comforting to see Velma’s hypothesis of non-superstitious scientific reasoning explaining and prevailing over superstitious clap-trap. There are an awful lot of adults nowadays determined to stick with dogma than reason. One would think if the Mystery Mobile showed up today to point the flashlight of reason into the faces of thems in charge the teens would be laughed at and dismissed. A part of me keeps hoping some Shaggy and Velma-types will pull the mask off of the POTUS . So far no such luck – thems who have tried so far have seen people still believe in the agreed-upon superstitions. 

I am a big fan of pulling off the masks of the frighteners. I think I will see another episode just to make sure of all of this. 



P.S. Just after I published this I did an image search  and lo! Some one has thought of this already!  I guess I am not the only one who sees the current political situation resembles a Hanna-Barbara cartoon.