Scandal at Spo-reflections!

The Board of Directors Here at Spo-Reflections has been blocking comments and influencing the entries! Several Spo-fans (some of them well over four feet) brought this to my attention the other day and an investigation was initiated. Dirty-doings going on indeed! Several comments were found hidden away in the “SPAM” folder. Looking under the chairs and poking about in the rubbish bins revealed even worse shenanigans. Utensils and iphone charge-cords that went a-missing last Monday were discovered as was a pile of unpaid bills no one has opened in ages.*  It is not clear if this was a cabal or careless neglect. Executive decision-making based on careful forethought is not their métier. Either way they don’t ever admit error. The silverware is back in the kitchen drawers and I was given the OK to write whatever I want for a while.** It is hard to write a serious blog when you have a bunch of mythical truculent toddler-types to tend to.

One of my new year’s resolutions is to make a monthly new soup or stew. My cellphone just reminded me it is time to pick one for September. Soups and stews seem better in the autumn than other times of the year. This is especially true with chili. I have many memories of autumn tailgate parties of crockpot lovelies served in bowls* or on open-faced hamburger buns.  I’ve learned if I make a stew or a chili rather than a soup Someone is more likely to eat it, which is good as I tend to make enough to feed an emerging new nation.  So – I plan to make a stew this month. There are no lack of recipes. Indeed! My cookbooks and accordion file are full up with such. I could make a daily stew and not run out of recipes.

I like my stews hearty, savory, and meaty – like my men. I am not a big meat eater but I tend to favor the chilies and stews with beef.  One beef-based stew recipe has beer in it, specifically stout. This sounds delicious but Someone won’t touch it so I may just try an Irish or Brunswick stew – whatever they are. One stew comes from Morocco and another comes from Ethiopia. They look exquisite but both call for certain spices unavailable at Albertson’s. What the heck is ground fenugreek anyway?  Indian stews are spicy and have the advantage the spices are obtainable. Alas I can never make them as ‘hot’ as I get them in the restaurants.

One drawback is context. Hot aromatic steaming stew simmering for hours on the stove top is better paired with crisp cool nights of autumn – it’s only just dipping below 40C here. I will try my best.

Someone likes corned bread. Another way to get him to eat my food is to make something compatible with cornbread. I prefer noodles. I’ve been saving some heavy-duty red wines for just the right dinner and I can think of no better arrangement than stew and red wine – or a heavy beer if I am going ‘more casual”  Yes, this sounds very good. I am looking forward to a Saturday night stewing.

Spo-fans who happen to have fabulous-beyond-words recipes for stews: please send me such in an email or leave such in the comments.



*This is a more pragmatic explanation for why the electricity was cut off than the story given to me last week. Thor was angry at me for my last entry. In defense of the Board Members: none of these lummoxes can read past the second grade except Sven who only likes to read Ibsen or one of that crowd and can’t be bothered by bills.

**Provided it is not “Walking the dog”.

***I still associate maize or blue as the proper color for bowls and plate on which to serve chili  and Sloppy Joes.