Walking the dog

This morning I opened the front door to commence with canine morning ablutions only to face a cool breeze coming over the threshold.* Finally! The mornings don’t feel like stepping into a sauna. The fall/winter walks are more pleasant but more wary. For six months we walk in the dark so some of our usual routes should be shunned. Only yesterday in broad daylight as we were strolling along one side of the ‘wash’ when we spotted on the other side two coyotes. They were quite large and resembled wolves more than coyotes. They either didn’t see us or were ignoring us. I imagine it would have be worse if it had been dark.   On the other hand Mrs. Oliver is about ready to make her return. I don’t know where she goes in the summer months but I am grateful when she returns each fall.

These days Harper is getting a bit short-changed as the walks aren’t as long. Most of this is impatience on my part to get back home as soon as possible. She seems satisfied with any length of walk really. What bothers her is a ‘no walk’ morning. She always wakes when I do in anticipation of a stroll. If she gets wind we ain’t walking she becomes crestfallen and looks so depressed I could die. I wonder if she does this intentionally, a purposeful guilt trip. Regardless of intent it kills me. Needless to say I try to always walk the dog each morning.

After-dinner walks are better for safety and length although it remains hot out  – enough to not stay out too long. She seems to get tired and heated quicker these days more than she used to get. Perhaps this is age.

After all walks she is gets the must-have after-walk treat. If this isn’t done I don’t get the guilt look but the outraged pacing.  There won’t be a moments peace until I put out as it were.

After walk and treat H tends to go back to the bed – in my space! I suppose she likes the remnants of warmth in the indentation that is created by my absence. I don’t begrudge her this. When you love them, they drive you crazy, because they know they can. After all it’s a dog’s life.


*Cool is a relative term. My phone states it was 25C. This feels positively Artic compared to a months of 30-45C.