The neighbors put up Christmas decorations as soon as possible; some of them do so on Thanksgiving afternoon. Not as many put up decorations for All Hallows Eve but when they do they get at it right away. 1 October seems to be the ‘green light’ – or is that ‘orange’? – to haul out the Halloween yard trappings. Urs Truly tends to do likewise.  I don’t do everything at once. Last night I exchanged the outside white lights for orange and I put out the ‘trick or treat’ door mat.   It’s a start.

I don’t usually succumb to on-line ads but I did last week. I saw a video on Facebook about  ‘skull pizzas” consisting of making little pizzas in a skull-shaped muffin tin. Mr. Bezos was all too happy to sell me such and the tin arrived quick as a quarter note. I went to Uncle Albertsons and bought cheese, sauce, and premade pizza dough along with some mushrooms and meat.   20 minutes at 400F.


The first batch came out OK: there weren’t any major errors or disappointments. They are a bit more ‘doughy’ than I thought it would be so next time I will roll out the crust a tad thinner.  I forgot to chop some onions and I didn’t want to try anchovies in the first attempt. The grease from the pepperoni gave them a ‘stained’ appearance but I think it lends to their allure.  I ate mine with relish.  I could make little sweetie skull cakes as well (the pan came with a recipe).


The elves on the shelves at YouTube have rewarded my on-line search for pizza skull cooking directions with a  bombardment of video recommendations on making Halloween cakes, cookies, decorations etc. Most of these alleged ‘easy’ recipe ideas look like something Martha Stewart spends hours creating and who’s got time for that?  This young man on YouTube I was told to check out as he makes exquisite little pumpkin cakes.  I watched the video slightly stunned as the stepwise process involved in making these things. I give him credit: he is a talented fellow and nice looking to boot. He obviously knows his way around a kitchen.  He’s handsome, talented, and he boasts of a beautiful husband and he makes everything look easy.  These types make me sick and I just want to smack him in the face because I know if I try to do these recipes mine will take much longer and come out looking much worse and this will invariably make me cross.  Oh well. There are other recipes I can do that won’t make me feel deficit. This weekend I think I will make snickerdoodles which are simple, spicy, and never look bad – like my men.