It’s traditional at Halloween for folks to divine the future using all sorts of tools. Maidens had rituals in hopes to envision their future husbands. In James Joyce’s short story “Clay” a woman at a All Hallow’s eve party participates in a game in which it is predicted she will die within in year.

It’s that time of year Urs Truly gets out his wicked pack of tarot cards (Hallowe’en version) to see what’s up.

Every October (when I remember) I invite Spo-fans if they would like their cards read. Just say yes in the comment section. I will do’em Thursday evening after the beggars stop ringing the door bell and things are quiet.  Perhaps The Cup Sprites or even Henrik the Ghost may join me in flipping the cards!  This weekend I will email you with your findings and advice.

Jolly good fun !