I write entries on four computers (two at home and two at work) only to forget to post them as ‘drafts” at WordPress. As a consequence I am often somewhere else when I have time and inspiration to conclude them. I try to work on the one in the computer in front of me at. Alas, Babylon these are usually not what is on my mind at the moment or they seem stale, so I start a new entry and the cycle repeats itself. Despite  21st century technology my archaic hummingbird brain is no better.

Here is the Valley of the Sun we’ve had anything but that: two days of inclement weather. This sort of weather invariably cheers me up for there is nothing like the sensation of staying indoors dry and warm with a nice hot cup of tea while outside it is wet, cool and gray – like my men. My patients will feel otherwise. All day long I will hear their remonstrations against the weather. The complaints fall into the common categories:

This is why I moved away from the (Midwest, northeast, Washington state etc.)

My (fibromyalgia, lower back pain, arthritis etc.) is acting up

I will also get a lot of messages so-and-so called he/she is ‘running late to their appointment”. They are told there is no guarantee I can see them if they miss their scheduled time. This evokes rancor with the explanation ‘but it’s raining”.

I haven’t checked with the weather gods why we suddenly received blessed bad weather after several months of perpetual sunshine. I suspect the nargles are behind it or maybe it is G-d’s punishment for Arizona allowing gay people to marry or put up signs in English and Spanish. Regardless of the reason I am most grateful for rainy.  I’ve said it before: I should be living elsewhere. On the other hand my relations in Michigan tell me they already have had snow which I don’t particularly miss.

Tonight it may drop into the ‘single digits’ meaning Celsius. I may have to get out some blankets. I hear the snickering of the Spo-fans admonishing me for thinking this is cold but by AZ standards 8C is positively Arctic.

I do hope the drizzling doesn’t stop anytime soon. I have lots of lovely tea, enough to last a long while of gray and rainy days.