cropped-thanksgiving2008.jpgSomeone is working this Thursday and most of the holiday weekend too so we won’t have a Thanksgiving. I will be home alone. He will be quite tired when he gets home and want to go straight to bed and not eat a full meal, so there is no point in us cooking a full Thanksgiving dinner. In past years we sometimes made a dinner on Friday or Saturday, but he works those days too. We are both on diets anyway, so we are skipping the whole thing.  

I keep this to myself at work and with loved ones on Facebook as the announcement one isn’t doing Thanksgiving is met with all sorts of emotions other than a just a head nod of assertion. Not all Americans ‘do’ Christmas but everyone does Thanksgiving – and to not do so is almost a blasphemy. “I won’t have a Thanksgiving” is often met with horror and/or pathos. People who don’t know me very well sometimes hear this and blurt before even thinking I could come to their place. This is based on the unspoken agreement no one should be alone that day. 

Going without Thanksgiving is something I am used to as I often worked the day myself. No one wants to go to the emergency room on Thanksgiving Day and I got lot paid lots of money for mostly sitting around for eight hours. Someone has long worked on theday too volunteering to work so others won’t have to. 

It will be very quiet peaceful day. I usually have a nice at-home breakfast and then I go to the gym and after that whatever I want.  “Thanksgiving dinner” this year is soup in the crockpot which I will eat with relish.  I will call Mother who is in a rehabilitation center after she had a fall.  

I called her today to find Father was there visiting. He tell me Brother #2 through #4 and various daughters-in-laws and grandchildren have ordered a Thanksgiving dinner ‘to go’ from Costco (really!) to bring in to her so they can all eat something together. When I reflected I assumed they would just cancel the day given she’s in hospital etc. Father was bewildered as the office folks by my logic. It’s Thanksgiving ! One just has to have such.  He asked if I was home alone again this year and I said yes, which didn’t surprise him given my history I’ve mentioned.  He said they would all call me on Thursday so I would not feel left out or alone.  They are dears but you see the point – one can not be allowed alone on Turkey day in the USA. 


I just hope he has tasty giblets