I have an active imagination and this has been so from the get-go. It was later on in life (perhaps around six years old) I discovered I was not alone in my yearning to go down rabbit holes. To my delight I read and heard of people throughout history who have longed to explore imaginary worlds and ride fantastic beasts. As a boy I was a rapacious reader; as a teen I was into Dungeons & Dragons. This sh-t never stops; it got reinforced in my studies of Jungian psychology. I suspect seasoned Spo-fans grow weary of reading fantastical posts extolling cucumber trees and three-legged Cyclops. The Board of Directors Here at Spo-reflections is sick of it all themselves but they don’t dare downright damn the stuff: to do would puts them out of a job.

I used to think thems in touch with the archetypes were the rule not the exception. As I’ve aged I encounter more and more people disinterested in using thieirimagination other than to figure out how to get more fame, money, prestige, and other things of little value.  It seems the world is becoming more dominated by the Gradgrinds. Mr. Gradgrind is a character is Dickens’ novel “Hard times”. He was a practical man who wanted nothing but facts taught to the kiddies – no rubbish topics that didn’t directly help shape them into complacent factory workers.* I was fascinated and appalled by The Gradgrinds who were up in arms over the Harry Potter books. They did so on the manifest grounds the book were ‘un-Christian” but I couldn’t help but think the real issue was their fear reading fantasy books unleashes the mind from the yoke of custom and convention causing the kids to ‘think for themselves’. Paradoxically chasing white rabbits and galloping about with the hobbits makes one better at discerning the BS of real life. Anyone who has read the “Thomas Covenant the Unbeliever” series sees how the our present-equivalent High Council congressmen are a bunch of Ravers.**

Despite their many faults I will welcome the ongoing stay of The Cup Sprites and The Car Key Gnomes – even the truculent Board of Directors Here at Spo-reflections.  Some will say I have a few screws loose but wasn’t it Don Quixote (or was it John Lennon?) who said seeing reality for what it is is the worse insanity of all?



*I cringe whenever I hear people call for a moratorium on classes in art and music or slashing financial support of the arts.  Education is not merely learning a trade but a means to becoming a thinking and compassionate person.

**I hope some Spo-fans get this. Explanations are given on request.