Now that Thanksgiving is over the Christmas season begins. Christmas 2019 will be a sort-of ‘non-Christmas’ for Urs Truly. Someone and I try to go to Michigan every other year to have our holidays with the family. We haven’t gone in some years now – what with getting coverage at our jobs.  Last summer I promised my parents we would go.  Mother was pleased as punch. In the interim her physical health has deteriorated and what happens next month is anyone’s guess. The main point of this trip is making Mother (and Father) happy. This may entail merely giving Father a break by running his errands and the cleaning house (rumored to be quite shoddy) while he attends Mother who now in a physical rehabilitation centre with an unclear future. 

Another element for a ‘non-Christmas”: Someone will work nonstop. I will go to Michigan earlier than he does. We talked yesterday and decided we will have no time really to put up the tree and decorations prior to my departure on 21 December.  I am not sure if we will even buy Christmas prizes for each other or for the family.   

My brothers have not said so out loud but there is a sense this is to be Mother’s ‘last Christmas” so it would be nice to make it as festive as possible. Unfortunately this may be without tree or gifts given the circumstances. 

I like to know things ahead of time but this year I must live with uncertainty. It’s all up in the air where I/we will stay and what/if any Christmas activities will happen. My priorities are care taking the parents. If there is free time I may see chums but who can tell.  If Mother is happy and Father is rested then I will be content.