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It’s been cold enough to turn on the heat* and get out the flannel sheets. The linen closet is a frightful mess; this afternoon I plan to take out the contents and refold them or better yet put them in the donation pile. I recently read a shocking report nearly all clothes donations that go to thrift shops end up in land fill. I hope this not so. I’ve learned consulting others in the house about discarding something usually gets a veto of questionable rationalization and back on the shelf it goes. I’ve discovered it is better to put long-forgotten items into a ghost bag and haul them to Goodwill without mentioning it to anybody.  Others in the house solve the stuff/space ratio problem not by discard but through better organization.**
I recently read of a word or term describing the phenomenon of needless material goods proliferating while our backs our turned. Now I cannot remember the word. Spo-fans who know please say so in the comment section.

We keep things mostly for three reason:
#1 Guilt
#2 Sentimentality
#3 Fears we may need it someday

#1 – As I type this I see nearly a dozen pencils in the office organizer. I haven’t a clue how they got there. Most don’t have erasers and/or are stubs. Although they are still usable I will toss out most of them leaving 2-3 good ones.
#2 – This is the hardest one for me. Useless utensils that were my grandmother’s I can take a photo of I suppose and look at that if/when I need to.  I have a little sentiment box of knick-knacks and cat collars I just can’t throw out, so I am guilty as charged on this one.

#3 – For the ‘but we may need this someday’ anxiety I use a formula: if a replacement would cost less than 50$ then the chances of my actually needing it are slim enough to make this a cost/keep ratio worth chancing.
So with that all in mind today I am waging war on useless bulky things. Wish me luck. Anyone want a collection of mismatched flannel sheets? We have heaps.


*Someone has it in his head a ‘no heat on until January’ rule. I am not sure of its logic; perhaps he is just being cheap. Despite his protestations I have the heat set at 65F.
**He does a fine job at this. He could fit a rhinoceros into the car trunk.

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