The Board of Directors Here at Spo-Reflections wishes to apologize to everyone in the nine worlds the writer this blog is alas absent and probably so for some time we fear it may be permanent last night The Krampus showed up at Das Spohaus and took the author away in a large wicker basket without leaving so much as a word of thanks we fear the worst to his whereabouts although we cannot say we are shocked nor surprised he’s been a naughty person a proper b-stard really in the eyes of some of us (especially thems who have both of theirs) the rumors we paid The Krampus to substitute him for Mistress Borghese and Travel Penguin is unfounded you must not believe Twitter posts recently generated by our cousins The 13 Yule lads also proper b-stards in our opinion again it serves the author right for writing about fictional Nordic beings.

We scrutinized the author’s contract it explicitly states in stipulation #367(a) by the order of the suzerain (hey that’s us) all blog entries written by its thralls and temporaries must be submitted ahead of time Spo has not done so we would have certainly forbade entries about our relations such was mentioned in yesterday’s entry (although we liked the bits about the flaming goat) so this is another not unjustified reason for Spo becoming Krampusfressen which does not mean we condone violence and rapine at least not without getting paid.

Readers of the blog referred to in stipulation #148 as ‘Spo-fans’ may be comforted to know if said author fails to return by next Thor’s day we declare him a rotten stinker and officially him dead as a doornail and cancel contracts and burn down the blog (again) to make room for something less rubbishy and more lucrative such as The Poetic Eddas or better a Honey Baked Ham outlet.