It is the winter solstice; seasoned Spo-fans know I like to write a more-thoughtful prose at this time of the year. Darkness and stillness does that to me. I like to go inwards into the inner-compartments of my mind to ponder deep and gelid thoughts apropos for the darkest night of the year.

I started this essay a few days ago, coming back to expand it when I had time. This most careful prose has changed direction and character several times. It’s been a roller coaster of pessimism and optimism proportional to the impeachment process and the status of my mother.  At the time of the actual solstice (this evening) Captain Bone-spurs is impeached (proper bastard that he is and Mother and Father are finally moved into their new digs. This is reportedly going OK.  What was all gloom is better – not ‘jolly’ but not as bad as before. The winter solstice is like that. When things are their darkest and you think nothing will improve the sunlight slowly comes back. It wasn’t as bad as you feared.

I erased the original essay to put in its place this more hopeful entry.  I am presently at Brother #3’s house located in a bosky part of Brighton. It is 415PM; the sun is already going down. I suspect I will go to sleep early and go into a deep sleep the type one gets only at this time of year. Tomorrow the sun will rise portending a new day with its suggestion of a better future and a more hopeful year.

Welcome sunlight bring your cheer.

Let us hope so.