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Here at La Casa de Spo the new year started as usual: Someone worked last night until 1030PM, he came home and went straight to sleep. I tried to stay up to toast the new year with a good snort of scotch but I could not do it.  Seeing the ball drop in Times Square at 10PM local time feels like ‘midnight’ for me. I fell asleep about 11PM.  I said “Rabbit” as the last word of the old year and it was the first word of the new.


I suppose I should write out my new year resolutions – which ones I met in 2019* and which ones I’m making in 2020** but I don’t feel up to it. Our local watering hole has a hangover breakfast today but I didn’t go as you are supposed to show up dressed in your jammies and I sleep in dog-eared boxers and T-shirt.  I’ve done a lot of opprobrious things in public but parading around in last years Derek Roses isn’t one of them. Besides  where does one put one’s wallet and car keys?

This afternoon I plan to read my 2019 journal to remind me what happened. I can’t remember anything at the moment other than last month’s trip to Michigan. Indeed the past decade seems a blur of work and sleep and not much else. I must have done something worthwhile in ten year’s time but I worry not so. 

Someone insists we eat black-eyed peas today. I forget what happens if we don’t – all the angels in heaven weep or kittens die en masse I suppose.  It seems a silly superstition but it beats shooting pistols at midnight. 

Because we did not have a Christmas at home Someone and I exchange our Christmas prizes today. I thought of waiting for Epiphany but decided not to wait.  Someone is getting a sequined hot/cold sinus mask to replace the wretched wet washcloths he brings to bed when he has frontal lobe headaches. I also got him some jolly palm tree-shaped ice cube trays and cocktail identification tags in the shape of Speedo-boys.  The markers are whimsical but I question their practicality. I hope they don’t readily fall off the rims or worse into the wine. I hate to think one could choke on these fellows while swallow ing.  There is a something suggestive here but I shan’t go there today. 



* Few actually.

** Most are to be carry overs from 2019. 

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