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OfficeThis morning I fixed the printer in my Mesa office. The warning light was correct after all: there was a paper jam. I’ve disassembled the villainous device several times only to find not a shred of stuck paper. Before I threw it out I tried again and lo! There is was obvious as otters.* It was extracted and Brother 450 is running as if nothing was the matter. I am pleased as punch I didn’t give up. Better yet, I can print prescriptions again. Sometimes patients want paper scripts so they can shop around for the lowest price. Without a handy in-office printer  I’ve had to run back and forth from my office to the main office printer to load the special paper and go back to press the print button; it was all a lot of fuss.

The ability to send prescriptions electronically  is a god-send. It’s like having a calculator or the microwave oven: how on earth did we function before it existed. All day long the empires of CVS and Walgreens send me scripts which I lob back quick as quarter notes. I call this “Prescription Pong”. Mind! I have to be careful as pharmacies may ask me to renew Dicky Purdy’s Prozac – and I haven’t seen Mr. Purdy in years and he’s overdue to come in for an appointment. I send back the polite note no meds until he shows his ass in my office.

Back to the printer.

In the bad old days all prescriptions had to be hand-writtern oh the pain. These were often illegible and they prone to forgery. Rx pads had to be locked up lest they were stolen.  It iwas an awful nuisance for folks to call monthly to announce they have to drive in – again – to pick up their prescriptions. No more of this now thank goodness.

It’s 2020: weren’t we supposed to be paperless, all things whizzing around the internet? I guess it is merely a matter of time it becomes law all prescriptions be electronic not hand-written.  I used to have a stylish prescription case made of leather not unlike an ipad cover.  I don’t know what happened to this quaint accessory; I probably threw it out with the Sony Walk-man single CD player.

Today is Tuesday:  I will see over thirty ‘med check’ patients, many of them well over four feet and most in need of a prescription.  At least one of them will want a hand job.** I’m ready for’em. It is nice to hear the printer humming behind me once again.


*I don’t know what is so obvious about an otter, but there it is.


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