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I went home yesterday in the middle of the day due to sickness; I can not remember the last time I did this. What started as a toothache expanded into a headache with malaise and slight nausea. I couldn’t focus at work so I bailed. Naturally there was an orchestra of scorched cats from patients who had been waiting weeks if not months to see me – and the staff were a bit peeved for having to deal with these unhappy beings.  At home my left cheek ballooned in size causing my left lower lip to drop to look as if I had had a stroke. I would have thought mumps but the right side of my face was fine and the boys are their normal size and shape. Last night’s sleep was marred by chills and fever.   I feel bad.

Being a Christian Scientist I decided what I had was ‘error’ and I told it to go away; I even read “The scientific statement of being”.  Alas Babylon! No good. [1] This morning one of my patients is a dentist. The dear! He gave me a curb-side consult what I had in his opinion was a maxillary abscess and I should see someone preferably the dentist as soon as possible. No one at work (Thing #1 and The Other Doctor) support my wait-and-watch approach so it is off to The Good Doctor tomorrow morning. If I can I will see the dentist after work this evening.

Meanwhile I look like chipmunk with its cheek chockfull of nuts on the port side and I feel like a worn out orange that has had all its juice squeezed out of it. On the positive I’ve lost 1-2 kilos this year from non-eating. [2] Between the dentist and the doctor I hope I get a proper diagnosis and (hopefully) no antibiotics. [3]

If I suddenly stop blogging it is due to my abscess having ate its way up into my brain causing horrible complications like delirium or memory loss or voting Republican.

cartoon sick

[1] Helga “Pippi” Longstocking here at The Board of Directors Here at Spo-Reflections serves as medic for all our health needs. Her favorite remedies are blood-letting and terrible emetics. Both get out the evil humors (and everything else) ; good for what ails you.  She also has an embrocation composed of ground ivory, serpent’s venom, and KY jelly which when applied to the wound kills the patient swifter than any sword. I have it down as a drug allergy.

[2] Someone is in the camp of forcing food and liquids during an illness; I am the opposite. Nothing ever sounds good to eat when I am ailing. Now I get to say this isn’t malaise but intermittent fasting. Hohoho.

[3] Fat chance of that.

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