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It’s been a rough week. I think it was Wednesday when I had an emergency appointment with The Good Dentist #1.*  Tooth #14 which has been a problem on/off for years had crossed the dentition Rubicon it doesn’t need a root canal it needs extraction – and quickly.  My face was swollen from infection. I saw The Good Doctor the next morning who was even more ominous about the situation. He told me If I didn’t get the infected tooth attended to ASAP it could go septic. I am thrice blessed the specialist dentist office got me in that same day.  The staff at AZPerio (bless them!) are a courteous group of women well over four feet. I was a worried to see The Good Dentist #2 was trained at OSU (oh the horror!) but she promised she would not be unduly mean.


The x-ray shows a rotting tooth base and a left sinus cavity full-up with gunge plotting to enter my brain and wreak havoc.  The Good Dentist #2 managed to get out tooth #14 in now time and the sinus cavity was drained. The space that was #14 was packed with bone graft for a future implant.  Meanwhile I look like a hillbilly – or would if I could open my mouth.

Unfortunately it has not been a quick mend. The inflammation is fierce as is the pain. I can’t open my mouth let alone chew. No one wants to prescribe proper pain Rx (stirges) so I do what I can with OTC stuff. The antibiotics are already causing mayhem in my entrails and one of them disallows alcohol so that blessed balm must be abjured for now.

All I can do now is wait and hope there are no complications. On the positive I am  slimming down and I am not dead which apparently was a possibility if I had stuck with my usual Christian Science approach.

I asked The Good Dentist #2 if I may keep the tooth. I plan to put it up in the bathroom where I can see it to remind me to regularly floss and brush and rinse and see the dentist – especially The Good Dentist #1.  Getting to see him may be more incentive than an extracted irksome molar.


Behold the Bastard A.K.A tooth #14


*Besides being a dear for getting me in so quickly The Good Dentist #1 is quite the handsome dude, no?


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