The computers are presently up to no good. The two at work were recently updated from ancient Windows 7 to oh-so-shiny-new Windows 10 so that now I can’t find anything nor print from any printer. When I pull up Word the Phoenix computer tells me I am The House Manager not myself. My Macbook laptop’s latest update made it impossible to sign into work off-site. Worse, I cannot leave comments on sites.* I suppose these are temporary hiccups easily fixed by that handsome IT man. Alas he’s elusive as the Questing Beast and possibly as mythical. Someone reports his phone is also pulling some shenanigans so this hints of a conspiracy. I suspect The Nargles are behind it – or the Chinese – or it’s Obama’s fault one never knows these days.

My Kindle is working for which I am grateful. It hasn’t shown any signs of joining its brothers in up-to-no-good shenanigans. I’ve read/am reading some Thumping Good Reads without the thing shutting down on me.



I concluded “Rome: a history in seven sackings” which covers those interesting times invaders pillaged Rome. I found myself often taking sides with the invaders as Rome was a seething cesspool of vice, corruption, and hypocrisy. On the other hand most of the invasions (~5 out of 7) were beyond horrible. It was a jolly good read.


I am halfway through the first book in series called “Discworld”. This is a sort-of satire on fantasy books: think “The lord of the rings” combined with “The hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy” in am ‘Ariadne auf Naxus’ Strauss situation. Half of me hopes this books isn’t that good because if it is I will want to read more of them- and there are over forty books in the series. Oh the pain.

The next read is the first book in the “Bolitho series” by Alexander Kent. It is about a young Cornish lad who in the 1770s goes to sea as midshipman and over thirty years (and thirty books) advances to the top person in the British Navy. I am enjoying this one but I don’t think I will read the other twenty-nine.
My kindle needs recharging but I’ve been reluctant to do so lest it get in touch with its counterparts and they absorb it like The Borg and it becomes as difficult as the others. If it does I have plenty of ‘dead tree’ books to read as backup. They are mercifully impervious to nefarious Windows software upgrades.



*Curiously I can still do this from the home office computer, which hasn’t had any recent upgrades. I think there is a lesson here.