8 February is Blog-day here at Spo-reflections.

I had to look up the date and do the math to determine the number of years Spo-reflections has been in business. It is #14.

As a boy I was bewildered by my parents and older relations who couldn’t instantly remember how old they were. Now that I am in my 50s [1] I can’t remember my age either not without using a calculator. [2]

I am pleased as punch to persevere. I promised myself I would put down blogging whenever it got boring and turned meaningless. Happily this hasn’t happened. Truth is I love being a writer. It may not be my livelihood but it gives me life. Fourteen years! Can you imagine! This amazes me many levels:

1 – I still find things upon which to write.

2 – It remains enjoyable.

3- People read this stuff and they find it enjoyable (thank you!!)

4- I haven’t been arrested.

5- Despite constant threats The Board of Directors Here at Spo-Reflections hasn’t skewered me. [3]

Artists everywhere have the challenge to provide familiar work yet create new things. They don’t want to disappoint or alienate their fans. If I dare to presume my scribbles as ‘artistry’ I suspect I fail with the latter. I haven’t varied the style and content – even the format hasn’t altered in fourteen years.This isn’t based on any sort of success formula but a quiet satisfaction I like what I got and do. It’s a good gig and I hope to continue for many more years provided criteria 1-5 don’t arise.

Some birthdays are celebrated in high spirits replete with pageantry and fireworks. Other birthdays are quiet affairs such as going out to dinner for a nice meal with a handful of your nearest and dearest. Blog-day #14 is in the latter camp. My nearest/dearest are you the Spo-fans who drop by from time to time. I am truly grateful for you. I can think of no better birthday prize to receive – except of course for a new laptop. If anyone wants to give me one it is not too late.  Amazon.com has heaps.



A.K.A Michael


[1] Let’s say 55 for prudence’ sake.

[2] I need to do this now for everyone’s age. Most of the time I am dumbfounded by the calculation results and I hope it was an error. No such luck chico. Everyone I know is older than I think they are.

[3] The dears! They arranged a surprise party (which they do every 8th of February) a resplendent feast of Nordic imperial-tidbits with Hearot Johnsons  bedecked with gay colors and a ‘Happy blog-day’ banner. They forgot I was away this weekend. I told them to go ahead without me just please put away the leftovers lest it attracts wolves.