Yesterday while mopping the floor I tripped and stumbled into the hallway only to fall on the tile onto my R hip.  I was on Facetime at the time and not paying attention to where I was going. I tripped on a throw rug that was not usually there.  While trying not to fall I was only half paying attention how to do this with the least damage as I was distracted by concerns not to drop the phone.  The person with whom I was speaking must have seen and heard an awful sight as the phone (and Urs Truly) went down screaming expletives with the phone flying in front of me.  Oh the pain; oh the embarrassment!

The cliché of ‘life flashing before your eyes’ is true; in the seconds it took me to realize my situation and complete the fall my mind flew to the worst case scenario and its dire consequences. I was about to break something probably the hip and enter into that awful and decrepit realm of ‘someone with a hip injury” and all it entails. I was home alone at the time which conjured up another cliché of lying there unable to get up. As I lay there in pain the signs were such nothing was broken besides my dignity.  There was a temporary projection this was the fault of my phone and/or the Facetime caller. This is nonsense: it was all my g-d fault for not paying attention where I was going. After I crawled to retrieve the phone (also not broken) I was tempted to throw it as far as I can but but restrained myself.  I called my friend back to explain what had happened and to apologize. *

Today I am only mildly sore and I count my blessings. It could have been a lot worse. This dark comedy had a funny insight it was another realization I am growing old. A young man when he falls does not worry about fractures; older guys do.

The incident reminds me to continue resistance training (weights) to keep the bones strong and for goodness sake DO NOT WALK AND USE A PHONE AT THE SAME TIME.  Go thou and do likewise.



*When I called him he was walking on the sidewalk while taking my Facetime call. I told him he was as foolish as I was. An hour later he texted he too had had a fall and his arm was hurting like billy-o.  Fools !