Blue yoke II c

It has been a while since I last made a shirt. Well, here’s one.  Blue Yoke II.  I looked it up: this is Shirt #110 ! 50% are made for others; the other 50% I keep as my pride and joy hoard.

Once upon a time I made a navy blue shirt whose yoke was a quilt of scrapes from previous shirts and projects. A photo of it is today’s header. It was sort of an encyclopedia of my industry; I could look at the various bits and remember where it came from. Alas Babylon! I lost it! It is the only shirt I’ve lost.  I believe I left it in a hotel room when attending a conference in New Orleans. I’ve been meaning to make another. A yoke shirt requires more thought and more work. Indeed after I made the quilt I couldn’t remember how to sew it into the shirt! I had to look up an old pattern I haven’t used in ages.  But it was finally done and not too bad either. Like its predecessor the back is a quilt of project remnants.

Blue yoke II e


For thems interested: starting at the upper row and going left to right:

Flies: Doug T.

Yellow retro ;  Larry H.

Palm tree on pink: Scott J.

Brown bits: George M.

Butterfly: the late Cajun from Delaware

Parrot: Tim C.

Dr. Who: Erik R.

Astronomy: Ron T.

Grawlix : Larry H. (again)

Tsunami wave: Laurence B.

Dachshunds: William H.

Red/green frond bit: Richard S.

The other squares are from shirts I kept for myself. 🙂


Hope I don’t lose this one !