Note – The Board of Directors Here at Spo-Reflections was puzzled by this one. Some of the members were worried I wasn’t feeling well: had I hurt my head in the recent fall? Others concluded I was just plain nuts.  Not one of them thought it was funny.   Stirges.

I ought to stop scribbling blog drafts at work in between the appointments as it makes for disjointed prose and I often forget to copy and paste them into WordPress, which means they stay at work. Sometimes I get a metanoia that doesn’t want to wait but has to go down on paper right away. *

Speaking of wisdom from above I recently heard a podcast on The Dogons, a tribe in Africa who believe they were once visited by aliens called The Nommo, The dears told them Sirius the ‘dog star’ was not one star by two or possibly three stars. This turns out to be true and not possible to confirm by the naked eye. This raises the question does this vignette support the existence of alien visitors? For me it brings up a better question: why didn’t The Nommo give them information more practical, say the invention of matches or how to make a piston engine. That Sirius is two stars not one makes for fine cocktail conversation but it doesn’t do much good for the average Dogon trying to eke out a living in my opinion.

I for one have serious doubt aliens have been dropping by on a regular basis like tourists needing a pit-stop at an Illinois highway oasis. Maybe they thought eons ago ‘how to draw Nazac lines’ kits were a good-enough bread-and-butter gift but how about nowadays? Beaming up cows and trailer park inhabitants for prodding and such seems beneath extra-terrestrial intellect and dignity. Perhaps they aren’t so much Vulcan-types not wanting to violate The Prime Directive but the dorks of the universe out on a joyride enjoying the cosmic equivalent to cow-tipping. It’s disappointing to consider there are no intelligence beings in universe but it is even more disappointing to consider they exist but are as stupid as we.

I don’t recall every having a patient who believed they had been abducted by aliens or had seen a flying saucer but I’ve had a handful who believe aliens exist. They also tend to believe the earth is flat, vaccines cause autism, and we never went to the moon so there it is.

What I know about relatively and astronomy makes me think the chances are nil anyone is out there to support all these Chariot of the Gods drop-ins. More’s the pity for it would be nice if they did – provided they had better information than which stars are really double or triple. Perhaps they know why time goes faster as we age – that would be worth a four-star review on the Gommo website.


Spo-fans: have you been abducted by aliens but too embarrassed to tell anyone because instead of a humiliating physical exam they gave you a complete makeover and a spiffy hair cut with shoes and pumps to match? Please say so in the comments.  


*Theophanies and numinous interventions have the patience of a boiling teakettle.