I need to start watching my diet. There is a perfect storm brewing consisting of inactivity at home and high-calorie/comfort foods and boredom eating. They are all coming together to wreck havoc on my waistline. I see signs at the grocers I am not alone in this health hazard. What’s flown of the shelves are the pasta boxes, canned comfort foods and peanut butter jars;  fresh fruits and vegetables remain plentiful and untouched. Sitting on ones butt at home and eating nasty chips while binge-watching episodes of Big Bang isn’t good on body or soul.
In response to the creeping crud I am being more conscious to eat less and eat better. I’ve become a fan of sheet pan vegetables. I chop up the veggies and toss’em in olive oil and whatever spices and herbs are at hand. They are spread onto a baking sheet and baked at 450F for 15-20 minutes. They’re tasty, quick, and not too expensive – like my men.
I have to be mindful what happens next viz. avoid those oh-so-tasty ‘dips’ full of nasty calories and hidden sugars (oh the horror!). The covidiots aren’t interested in vegetables let alone the more exotic types so I have heaps to choose from. I am getting into baking rutabagas and aubergines and even okra when it’s available. It’s almost a challenge now to see what can be cooked on a sheet pan. So far I haven’t found a vegetable that doesn’t stand up to this mode of cooking although I’ve learned green beans and sliced carrots don’t appreciate a full 20 minute in the oven as they turn into brown withered things quite unpalatable.
As for exercise I try to get up and move every 15 minutes. Harper is quite glad to help me in my endeavors not to sit still. She never tires of quick five-minute walks around the block. I haven’t gone so far as to make a ‘home exercise program’. I suppose I should do so as eating less and more sensible may not suffice particularly when a certain someone brings home nasty chips whenever he goes to the grocers to fetch more vegetables.* Enough now with the pasta-based dishes! Begone you thawed slabs of mystery meat put into the freezer during The Pliocene epoch.

Tonight’s menu consists of grilled vegetables with coucous. It’s a start.

If Spo-fans have fabulous grilled/baked vegetable recipes please share’em in the comments.




*I shan’t say who.