1. I spent most of the weekend making masks out of scraps from Spo-shirts. I gave one to my favorite grocery clerk. The others are put in the post for friends who need them: the elderly; the immuno-compromised; thems with no means to a mask. I don’t know if these homemade cotton contraptions are going to be of any worth but I feel good to have done a decency. 
  2. It was last summer when Mother fell at home and had to be placed in a series of rehabilitation centers prior to landing in an assisted-living center – only to become sick and need hospital admission then discharge to another assisted-living center. Now she and Father are in a lock-down situation unable to leave their living space nor receive visits from my brothers. She hints she hopes corona19 carries her off. “It’s hell” she said yesterday on Facetime. An ignominious end indeed.
  3.  Today starts my first full week of work at home. I am already thinking of going into the office on Tuesday perhaps to sit in an empty office just for a change of scenery but we are supposed to stay home as much as possible this week and next for the predicted swell of infection.  I should just stay put.
  4. The word of the week is ‘Sisu’. ‘Sisu’ is a Finnish concept described as stoic determination, tenacity of purpose, and hardiness.. It does not to have a literal English equivalent. “Gutsy’ may be closest. Sisu is a grim and gritty form of courage that is presented in situations where success is against the odds. It expresses itself in taking action against the odds and displaying resoluteness in the face of an adversity, In Sisu one decides on a course of action and sticks to the decision despite it all.



5. Finally: The Board of Directors here at Spo-Reflections was recently sighted online harassing other bloggers. If your blog has been invaded by a bunch of bearded boisterous bezerkers contact me at once. They need to stop footling around and get back to Hearot Johnsons ASAP.   I can’t run this place on my own you know.