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Travel Penguin (the dear!) asks the following question:

“Explain to me why we continue to tune into the train wreck that is Facebook – a cauldron of stupidity and hatred.”

A fair question. 

I am on Facebook – frequently. I am first to admit I find it a foul place. At times I don’t know which is worse: the members or those who run it. Facebook seems to be continually exposed for devious and nasty machinations. so why don’t these scandals bring it down or mend its ways? FB continues unabashed without contrition for the  simple reason FB’s users do not walk away. If a  flesh and blood type friend was discovered to be using me or giving my personal data to others without my knowledge he or she would be out of my life quick as a quarter note. So why do we/I stick around? 

FB is carefully thought up to appeal to our psychology:

1. We have a morbid fear of missing out.

2. Despite our voiced disdain for train wrecks we are drawn to such.

3. We are curious creatures intrigued by bright shiny objects; we like to open things to find out what’s there. 

4. We like having something quick and handy to distract us from pain and boredom.

I continue with FB for one reason: I like to know what my friends and relations are doing.  On the occasions when FB’s dastardly doings make me mad enough to consider deleting my account I remember I won’t be in touch with dozens and dozens of high school friends and my faraway cousins. Of course there are other ways to keep in touch of course but I know I won’t. I have hundreds of friends/family on FB; it works to keep in touch with them. 

So I stay – and Mr. Z knows this. 

When I am on FB I have rules: First and foremost I read only the personal postings. I never read the ads nor do I click on any quizzes or links. I’ve learned abjure the ‘like’ button but write something in the comment section. Sooner I’d eat rats at Tewkesbury than engage in any political postings even with the ones I agree.

On my phone the notification for Facebook is off and the app is on the ‘third screen’; I have to make an effort to scroll to find and open it. This helps cut down on the numerous thoughtful check-ins.  I try to set limits on my time when I am there.  

It isn’t much but it helps.



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